Monday, December 15, 2014

On the eighth day of Christmas ...

Christmas 2014
Vicki Allesia

Did I mention house move ... removals ... imminent?
If I didn't mention it here I'M SURE I MENTIONED IT TO MY TRUE LOVE ...

So what if I've taken to muttering around the house, picking up bits of half-eaten fish from the carpet and mopping up seawater from the living room.
I think I've earned it.

Today, the new mirror packs arrived from the removals firm, at the same time that another rectangular package turned up on the doorstep.

Inside the package - the most glorious abstract painting, in lush greens and moss hues.
Hypnotised, I stepped closer ... and my mood immediately lifted.
Subliminal messages ... self-worth ... respect ... power ...

And it compliments the new green drapes.
The cat has made peace with the bell.
My True Love, seeing that all was calm, came home for the evening.

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