Sunday, August 25, 2013

Paper and Textile: Fibre in General

on the walls July 2013
Joan's new freeform crochet work

The Blackberry Artists are a talented bunch - what you see here in the gift shop is but a fraction of the work they are creating. For example, our painters are limited by sheer wall space, so their larger pieces only come out on display at Christmas during the Marketplace in the Arts Centre 3D Gallery.
Other artists choose only to jury into the gift shop in one discipline even though they regularly produce work in other media and styles. Recently Joan Marr, whose paper art regularly features on our walls, decided to unleash her freeform crochet work on us - we're excited to have her 'shabby chic'-style scarves joining Beryl Hickinbottom's exquisite weaving and Jane Ostenstad's graceful silk on our racks.

on the walls July 2013
seeds and plantfibre in Joan's paper work

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Floral Tribute

July in the gallery
detail from work by Elizabeth Wallace
Midsummer, and the gardens are crispy.
Lawns crackle underfoot and cause nasty friction burns for every heroic slide to first base.
Only the patch under the inflatable wading pool shows any sign of non-dessicated life and the lawn-mower is gathering cobwebs in the shed.
Ah summer!

July in the gallery
ceramic bracelet by Jan Pavlic Falkenberg
Was it only a couple of months ago we were raising our fists to the sky, raging against June-uary?
What twits!
So, with furtive pre-dawn sprinkling operations in full swing and Art Knapps running out of drought-tolerant succulents, let Blackberry Artists remind you of luscious garden flower beds without the heartache.
It will snow soon.

July in the gallery
detail from floral bracelet by Amanda Maxwell

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Call for new members

Port Moody Centennial Parade

Psst! Wanna work with us?

The Blackberry Artist's Society is looking for new members to join the only artist cooperative gift shop in the Tri Cities. We have shelf space and wall space for your beautiful work, offer a monthly Featured Artist spot plus display space elsewhere in Port Moody. We require only that you share in running our organisation through a shift once or twice a month in the shop (note: members cover more shifts during Christmas Marketplace) plus volunteering with exec jobs, marketing, scheduling, display and so on.

Please check our website for details, or visit the shop to see if your work will fit in with our aesthetic. More information can be found here on the blog and in our online Flickr portfolio. And do come visit us in the gift shop to see for yourself (and pick up a membership application pack).

We'd love to hear from you :)

Please note: all applications are juried in, which means that you, as the artist, need to attend one of our monthly meetings to present your work to the board members. There is a jurying fee (non-returnable) and then an annual membership fee. Please see our website for membership pack details.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August at City Hall: Sandra Ho and Jane Ostendstad

This month, Blackberries Sandra Ho and Jane Ostenstad are exhibiting their work in the display case on the mezzanine level before the council offices.

As usual, all work on display is for sale. Please phone the Blackberry Gift Shop at the Arts Centre to arrange purchase - 604.931 2008 ext.102

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August's Featured Artist: Beryl Hickinbottom

Featured artist: Beryl Hickinbottom

This month, the Blackberry Artists are pleased to feature the work of weaver, Beryl Hickinbottom, in the gift shop.
Beryl is one of the textile artists in the shop and her work is a constant on the shelves. Maybe you have already bought one of her finely woven scarves for yourself or as a gift? Or perhaps you've visited during our annual Christmas Marketplace (coming up November 14th this year) and treated yourself to one of her fantastic shawls or wraps?

weaving textures

If you have, or maybe next time you're in the giftshop, take a closer look at the fabric - Beryl uses an array of weaving patterns in her work, ranging from a straightforward 'over-and-under' technique* to stitch combinations which add a 3D texture to the surface of the work.
She also mixes different types of fibre with a complimentary palette of colours to create these beautiful accessories.
Not just a scarf, but a unique wearable work of art.
Beryl's work will be on show in the gift shop until the end of August, and on sale year-round.
Featured artist: Beryl Hickinbottom
temari balls, by Beryl Hickinbottom