Sunday, March 23, 2014

Colours of Spring

Spring Fever? The Blackberries have just the antidote and you'll find it in our shop in the Port Moody Arts Centre. Come experience spring in all her glory! Lavender, pink, orange, yellow, and green... Colts and butterflies... Birds and blooms... Everything you need to usher in our lovely BC spring.

Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment.  ~ Ellis Peters

Weaving by Beryl Hickinbottom
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Late Night Shopping: Gallery Opening March 20th

clockwise from the top: work by Sarah Ronald, Pat de Couto, Vicki Allesia, Margret Billings and Tom Reid
The Blackberry Gift Shop will be open for late night shopping on Thursday, March 20th to coincide with the opening of the Port Moody Arts Association gallery exhibition, 6-8pm.
As many of you already know, the Blackberry Artists are also a local bunch, creating art that reflects our surroundings here in Port Moody and the Tri Cities. Please drop into the shop to see what your creative community is doing these days and check out work by our artists.

Gallery Opening March 20th

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Featured Artist at City Hall: Sarah Ronald

March Featured Artist at City Hall: Sarah Ronald

This month the City Hall display case (just up the stairs on your way to the council offices) holds the awesome nature-inspired work of Sarah Ronald. Featuring pencil, mixed media and graphite, her work conveys a sense of dialogue with the natural world. As Sarah says, her work is inspired by chance interactions with nature around her, whether it's a conversation, a piece of news or an article.

As usual, all work is for sale through the gift shop. Please phone 604.931.2008 ext. 102 to arrange for your purchase.

Monday, March 3, 2014

A bit of green

It’s March and it is green that we’re wanting. Outside, turf is brown and gardens dormant. Fir, hemlock and cedar offer a distant green, but we want green at closer quarters. A green to remind us of the coming spring… Green made by combining bright ocean blue with the lemon of the sun… Heart chakra green. Irish green. Whether you’re a Kelly or a Schmidt, a bit of green makes us feel better at this time of year. And we Blackberries have just the antidote for you for late winter: green to wear, green for decor. Either or both work well; the point is to fill your surroundings with welcoming green.

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Bowl Neckace

Scarf Terrarium

Bracelet Drawing detail

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March's Featured Artist: Elizabeth Wallace

Golden Landscape
"Golden Landscape"

Taking inspiration from B.C.’s  visual  treasures -  rock face and sunlit gardens, seascapes and  weathered buildings - Elizabeth chooses a painting form which will interpret her feeling for the subject.

Lises’s Hydrangeas
"Lises’s Hydrangeas"

Though watercolour is essentially a translucent medium, she enjoys the challenge of creating implied texture as well as the soft shape of a beautiful blossom.

Evening Callas
"Evening Callas"
One Hundred Shades of Spring
"One Hundred Shades of Spring"

Many of Elizabeth’s paintings begin with a pouring or under painting, allowing the melded colours to suggest shape and subject.

Summer Wine
"Summer Wine"
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