Sunday, May 29, 2011

Macro Moment: In The Picture

detail from work by Valerie Simons
Perhaps this macro moment will encourage to to fall into (love with) a picture?
Macro photography of 2D works, especially paintings rather than prints, can reveal textural details which are lost in photographs taken from a distant vantage point.
Most of the paintings, prints and other art works are high up on the gift shop walls. Now, I'm not that great on ladders so I have to wait until the stock is rotated and is in within reach of me and my lens.
It's worth the wait.
Can't you just imagine stepping onto this pathway and walking through the forest, feeling the sunlight dappled on your skin as you wander beneath the trees?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's in the Macro

carving by Tom Reid
Imagine shrinking yourself down to a fraction of your normal size, and then taking a visit to the gift shop to explore. What a wonderful world it would be (apart from damn freaky to whoever was on duty in the shop that day)! You could get up close to some of our wonderful work and really appreciate the detail that goes into each piece.

wood intarsia plaque by Del Holbrook
But that ain't going to happen. No, we're not in the business of offering incredible shrinking tours around our shop. As an alternative I can offer you some of my favourite macro moments each month. I'll 'fess up to enjoying photographing the artist's works in here a whole lot more than I do photographing people. My 'models' on the shelves pose properly, don't need to be reminded to hold still, and will 'sit' for endless retakes until I'm happy with the shot. Macro or very close up is my 'distance of choice' for my own work, and it produces some interesting shots of larger pieces too. Although as a complete representation of a work, it should be pictured in its entirety, I hope the artists in the cooperative don't mind when only 'select highlights' are shown.

So, let me take you on a macro voyage around the gift shop. Next time you're visiting, why not try to identify where the pictures came from so you can appreciate the fine work and textures in real life :)
wire and fibre acorns by Amanda Maxwell

Saturday, May 14, 2011

City Hall Featured Artist: Del Holbrook

My, oh my. The Blackberry Artists are taking over City Hall this month.
As well as a beautiful display next to the library (thank you to Margret Billings for organising this), we have woodworker, Del Holbrook, capturing the attention with his work in the display case on the way up to the council offices.

This display is sure to bring out the child in us all, or at least have us looking around for a niece, nephew, or grandchild to buy for. There are heirloom-in-waiting classic toy vehicles and personalised wooden bookends for nursery shelves.

It makes you wish Christmas was here - but why wait that long?

Monday, May 9, 2011

May's Featured Artist: Joan Marr

This month's featured artist is Joan Marr and her breathtaking display is well worth visiting the gift shop for.
Joan's creative work is all about paper. She hand makes the paper used in her art, often adding in other elements such as leaf material or seed heads, before moulding the material into her finished creation. This month's display is an astounding showcase of what can be achieved with a supply which frequently ends up in recycling.
Visitors to the gift shop will be familiar with her beautifully sculpted and decorated masks seen on our walls, and her lovely cards. This month they are joined by 3D "pictures" which should be appreciated up close to take in the textures.
Joan also has work in the display case next to the desk which emphasise the point that paper can be sculptural too. One of my faves is the impressive 'geode' formation which features glass marbles and chips at its base - not the usual materials associated with paper. The result? a wonderful work of mixed media.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fresh From City Hall

library display case; works by Joe Martin, Sandra Ho, Dan Severance, Pat de Couto and Beryl Hickinbottom
The Blackberry Artist's Society has taken over the library display case at City Hall for the whole of May, with a stunning display of work by a number of our members. Library patrons will be treated to a glimpse of what some of their friendly neighbourhood artisans are up to creatively. It's also a great reminder of what a wonderful, local one-stop shopping resource the gift shop tucked away inside the Port Moody Arts Centre is (especially since Mother's Day is just round the corner, and Father's Day not long after).

bears by Tom Reid, Cathy Rycroft and Del Holbrook
From Bear Corner (top right display case) to Weaver's Delight (lower left) there is something to please everyone.

art cards by James Mah
It's also a veritable treasure trove of delightful one-of-a-kind gifts, including some beautiful personalised stamped jewelry, suitable for Mother's Day, complete with art card selection to tuck away into the packaging.
All work is for sale - phone the gift shop (604 931 2008) to arrange a pick up time.

PS: don't forget to pay a visit to the other display case up the stairs opposite the City Hall reception desk where you will find Del Holbrook's work on show :)

display featuring the work of Vicki Allesia, Luci Gimenes, Val Simons, Tracy Riddell, Sarah Ronald and Valerie Gilbert

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blackberry Gift Shop - Your One-Stop Shopping Destination

Don't forget! Mother's Day is coming up and your mother really does deserve a special, one-of-a-kind something special.
paper flowers by Yolanda Cheung
This is where the gift shop fits in (you knew there was a point to this post, didn't you?).
sailboat iris folded card by Valerie Gilbert
Not only can we offer some truly exceptional 'thank you for everything you've ever done for me, Mum' gifts but we can fill that greetings card shaped hole on your shopping list at the same time.
Many of our artists also produce art cards of their work; it's a lovely way to 'get to know an artist' and also a wonderful way to finish off a gift.
Please do check out the card selection in the far left corner of the shop (above the prints sling) and do ask if extra stock is in the vault.