Saturday, June 29, 2013

One Hundred and Counting ...

100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial

Tomorrow is the last day for our exhibition at City Hall, celebrating Port Moody's Centennial with our work inspired around the theme, one hundred.
Thank you to everyone who came out to see it - we do like to get involved in our great community. Have a lovely summer and don't forget to stop by and say howdy next time you're passing the Arts Centre on St. John's Street.

If you missed the display, there are some pics in this gallery.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What Does One Hundred Look Like?

100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial

Artistically speaking, one hundred looks a lot like the work some of our members are exhibiting currently in the library until the end of June.

As a taster, check out the slideshow below, or visit it on the web here.
Of course, it's better seen in real life ... and would look even better in your home. Phone the gift shop (604 931 2008 ext. 102) to arrange your purchase.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial
odds n ends by Del Holbrook
(currently on display at Port Moody Library)
Happy Father's Day to all you dads, grandpas, and significant male presences in the lives of our kids.
We thank you.
Don't let the kids off from thanking you too - I hope they've planned a day of peace or excitement for you, whatever your wish.
Happy Father's Day.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Port Moody

100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial
This month, as well you know, the Blackberry Artists are helping celebrate Port Moody's Centennial. We'll be celebrating later on in the year and later this month too, but that's other news!

This month, some of our
members have created art work around the theme of one hundred, and it's on display in the library until June 30th.

100 - celebrating Port Moody's CentennialNext time your at the civic heart of our fair city take a glance at the glass display shelves next to the check out desk and have a look at some of the new paintings on the wall.

Who knows? Maybe you'll see something special for Father's Day ... though you'll have to give him an IOU since the display has to stay put until the end of the month. Delayed gratification - that's what parenting is all about after all!

100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial 100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial  100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial 100 - celebrating Port Moody's Centennial

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Automatically Yours

from our Summer Travels display , summer 2011

Today the Blackberry Artist's Society started, ahem, a more professional newsletter system.
You might have spotted the newsletter sign up on the sidebar to the right of this post already, or maybe you visited our beautiful website and clicked there.
Anyway, we have a lovely Mail Chimp template that will be flying through the interwebs into your inbox, filled with blog posts and news. We've also started a monthly newsletter of events and local arts information.
Why not visit the sign up page and check out the options.
Please do stay in touch :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June's Featured Artist: Jane Ostenstad

June's featured artist: Jane Ostenstad

This month's artist feature in the gift shop is silk painter, Jane Ostenstad.
I'm sure many of you are already familiar with Jane's graceful work on silk but this month is a great opportunity to share the secret with your friends.

June's featured artist: Jane Ostenstad June's featured artist: Jane Ostenstad

Jane hand paints each design individually on silk material stretched over a wooden frame. She's inspired by what she sees around her and isn't afraid to experiment. Currently her colour palette is fresh and lively, just right for accessorizing your summer wardrobe.

June's featured artist: Jane Ostenstad

On a purely practical note, Jane's silk scarves make excellent carry-on adds to your luggage for holiday wardrobe styling as well as hostess gifts to pack, send or mail since they take up very little room and are so lightweight.
Jane's work can also be seen at Port Moody library this month, in the Blackberry Artist's "One Hundred" show, celebrating Port Moody's Centennial.

June's featured artist: Jane Ostenstad