Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grand Opening? We'll Be There!

Finally! The end of the moving house saga is in sight. The Appleyard residence is now joined with the arts centre, and will be open for business pretty soon.

The Port Moody Arts Centre is celebrating the completion of its expansion project with a Grand Opening of the newly conjoined heritage buildings on Saturday, September 6th. The ceremony for the Centennial Appleyard House starts at 10am with a dedication and ribbon cutting, then continues at 10:30 with guided tours and more.

The Blackberry Artist's Society will be opening the gift shop early, from 10:30am and giving artist demos for visitors, highlighting our work in supporting artists in the community. We've called the arts centre home since its conversion from city hall back in the 1990s, when our members manned the gallery for a few hours each afternoon so the public could visit the new space.

Since then, we've supported local artists by providing display space and selling opportunities where they can engage with the wider community, bringing art within reach of everyone.

We are very excited and pleased to see the building expand and look forward to the next chapter in its life as a community arts venue for Port Moody.

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