Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July's Featured Artist: Myrta Hayes

Myrta Hayes with Sculpture

For Myrta Hayes, working with clay is like an addiction, or a labour of love.  Her work is constantly evolving and she is happiest when creating in her little workshop/studio.  She is always experimenting with new techniques, such as using metal salts for a watercolour-like decoration, this effect is especially beautiful on semi-translucent white porcelain. Another technique Myrta has used is the transfer of black-and-white print media to give her work an aged print look.


Myrta creates functional vessels using an electric kiln and has tried various other firing methods for non-functional items, such as raku and sawdust smoking. In addition to working on the wheel she also does hand-building. Lately she has been experimenting with coloured slip, sculpting, carving and silk screen on clay  -  who knows where that will take her. Her development of special glazes is a work in progress.  She also loves the touch of white raw porcelain. Her work often depicts animals and plants which shows her love of nature (she has a background in biology).

Heron Fish Sculpture

Myrta participated in a show, Wine Tastes, at the Port Moody Arts Centre in 2006 when she received a special recognition for her work. Later, in 2007, she had her first solo show at the Port Moody Arts Centre where she was interviewed by the local newspaper.

A variety of Myrta's work can be found year-round in the Blackberry Gift Shop at the Arts Centre in Port Moody and sometimes at the Fraser River Discovery Centre in New Westminster.


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