Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the twelfth day of Christmas ...

the twelve (gifting) days of christmas

After the last bird incident, I'm impressed at his bravery.
Another mathematical gifting conundrum, but if you count carefully - voila! 144 precise papercuts.

And in countdown, my tally this year (aside from broken glass, lacerated fingertips, a stiff neck from the icy blast and the recurring bears nightmare) -

12x12 delicate papercuts
a gift at the eleventh hour
10 tiny leaf veins
9 artful magnets
8 dainty jewellery links
7 cute-but-flown-the-coop chicks
6 tentacular tentacles
5 heavenly bows
4 perfectly squared
3 marauding bears
2 lock and key sets
and an eagle swooping for the turkey (yikes!)

Isn't the partridge meant to come on day 1 though?

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PS: We're open later this evening, until 7:30pm for the end of the Arts Centre Silent Auction.

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