Friday, May 17, 2013

Stop Press! Art at Council: Dan Severance

Blackberry Artists May 2013
Dan Severance's vases alongside stained glass by Margret Billings

Port Moody is titled City of the Arts, and the Blackberry Artist's Society is proud to contribute regularly to the cultural scene. Recently this included a 'visit' to council by three of Dan Severance's extruded ceramic vases as seen above.

Having our artists' work presented to city council is a great opportunity to introduce the community to the creative talent around them. It's a good reminder that yes, we do have artists in our midst and that they have work that is worth supporting. It also allows us to present challenging pieces, to provoke a discussion on the arts in general and local creatives in particular.

And now that Port Moody city council proceedings are recorded and archived, we can share our passion and inspiration with a much wider audience. Check out Item 1 at the 2:30 mark in this video to see Dan's work in the spotlight.

Thanks for viewing.

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