Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The big picture

detail from big, heavyweight vase by Dan Severance
(sculptural heavyweight woodturning from Joe Martin in background)
Now that the last cost-effective mailing dates for Christmas 2011 are vanishing under a haze of packing tape and gift ribbons, we at the Blackberry Gift Shop think you should be concentrating by now on your nearest nearest and dearest. You know, the family members and friends who you can deliver your carefully chosen gift to directly, paw-to-paw so to speak. There are no worries about fitting the magical 2cm slot of doom at the post office. Parcel weights are a mere memory. Let it rip with heavyweight handcrafted goodness from our marketplace!
Check out the slideshow below - specific items and ideas will be previewed over the next couple of weeks (though it might be wise to snap up that cherished gift before someone else gets it first).

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