Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring Greens (Keep The Faith)

spring greens

Please note, this is a scheduled post. If the weather is being unseasonable please ignore the text, drool over the artwork, and go back to the beach volleyball. Thank you.

In these dark, dank, cold, miserable days of winter it is so difficult to imagine that just around the corner, and inches below the surface of the snow, the little green shoots of spring are forming. Tiny and tight little buds of new growth are just biding their time to come bursting into the world.

Especially in our gloomy temperate rainforest environment, it's forgivable to believe that spring is a myth, an impossible event drowned under the many (many) inches of depressing rainfall (or snow if the temperature has really plummeted).

Spring is almost here. Keep the faith.

spring greens

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