Friday, December 17, 2010

Also At City Hall

With all the excitement of our Christmas Marketplace underway at the Arts Centre, it's easy to forget about one of our other showcase spectaculars. Year round, the Blackberry Artists are on display at the Port Moody City Hall (up the steps on the half landing in front of the reception desk). Mostly, the display case is populated by individual or groups of artists but sometimes our coordinator puts on a "Best Of Shop" display ... and that's what we have for your viewing pleasure this Christmas.

All items on display are for sale, and there is a contact number for you if you see something you desire (and let's face it, they are all objects of desire).

Yet another shop local, shop handmade moment brought to you by the Blackberry Artist's Society :)

PS: Don't forget - we're open for late night shopping Friday 17th to Sunday 19th ie. this weekend, coinciding with live theatre performances in and around the Arts Centre.

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