Sunday, November 14, 2010

Horses For Courses

and of course horses as gifts.

We are very lucky to have some amazing artists who can capture the essence of all things equine.
Artist Cathy Rycroft, who is one half of a race horse training duo at Hastings Park in her other life, captures the smooth physique of the equine athlete in her paintings on stone. Her work is also available as unframed prints so please check out the folders beneath the cards in the gift shop.

Another artist who captures the spirit of horses in her work is photographer Tracy Riddell. She was also our featured artist in September where she explained how her striking images have been used to promote animal welfare.

Moving on to 3D art, we have carver Tom Reid also exploring the equine form with this magnificent horse head carving. Tom works in a variety of stones; this carving is in serpentine.

Why not come in this evening to check them out in person? - new exhibitions are opening at the Arts Centre this evening so the gift shop will be open 6 - 8pm.

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