Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Blackberry Artists' "Adopt a Pet" Appeal

find me a home
resistance is again futile - work by Tom Reid

It has come to our attention that once more there are animals in the gift shop desirous of a good home. Please consider taking this charming, and well trained, bear home with you after your next visit.

please find me a home
by artists Myrta Hayes, and Eileen Harder

Or maybe you have room for this awesome performing seal in your back yard? It is most at home with the accompanying artwork and it would be sad to break up a pair :)

ruler of the ocean
by artist Del Holbrook, with work by Sarah Ronald behind
For those of you living in roomier digs, why not make space in your life for an orca? Although something larger (and saltier) than an inland lake is preferable just imagine what fun you can have going for a swim in the morning.

Please apply in person at the gift shop during opening hours (no HST applicable).

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