Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May's Featured Artist: Amanda Maxwell

featured artist display May 2010

(ahem) May's featured artist just happens to be me, your blog editor so I'll keep the text brief and let the photos do the talking.

wire evening purses

I've been a member of the Blackberry Artist's Society for almost a year now and making/selling jewelry for four years. I use wire crochet to make jewelry, weaving beads and pearls into a mesh which encircles your wrist or neck, or dangle from your ear lobes. Wire crochet is a very versatile technique, very delicate yet robust. As well as in jewelry I've also used the mesh I hand crochet in evening purses.
wire and fibre jewelry

A lot of my pieces are inspired by my parent's garden, far away in bonnie Scotland, or by the beach in the wee Scottish village I grew up in.
Yes, there's an element of homesickness abounding in my work!
PS: I'll be blogging the tales behind the pieces on display on my crafting blog if you'd like to stop by for a read.

maple leaf detail

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