Monday, December 21, 2015

On the twelfth day of Christmas ...

Watercolor dragonfly by Elizabeth Wallace

Almost there - Christmas is nigh.
Last night, as we snuggled together as a family, pets, and other visitors, with the smell of tobacco wafting gently in from the kitchen on the notes of a sea shanty, My True Love and I looked back over the last twelve months. A lot had changed - house, family, dog ... Our previous twelve days of Christmas seemed a lifetime ago.

"I think this seems appropriate," My True Love smiled as he reached behind the armchair, handing me a square package.
I opened it to find a beautiful watercolour dragonfly, its wings still shimmering from the water it emerged from s it dried out in the heat from the fire. A dragonfly - the symbol of change - how fitting.

Merry Christmas from us to you!

One lidded treats jar,
Two toasty slippers,
Three wooden words of calm,
For free, a knitting pattern , 
Five boxed foxes, 
Six waving branches,
A seven seas salty seadog,
Eight piggywig toes,
Around nine for winetime, 
Ten flowers on silk, 
Eleven paper boxes with earrings, 
A dragonfly for twelve months of change ...

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