Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the eighth day of Christmas ...

Eight piggy toes sculpted in alabaster by Tom Reid
Still snowing overnight.
The cat has been out frolicking in the garden with her mystery pals while the dog barks at the gathering gulls overhead.
I swear there's a lick of salt crust on the window panes, even though we're a kilometer or so from the inlet, and I'm sure I caught the baby humming a sea shanty ...

This evening's treat from My True Love was for the baby - he calls her his little piggy - an enchanting alabaster pig. Bedtimes are such fun counting ten little piggies and then the eight piggy toes

One lidded treats jar,
Two toasty slippers,
Three wooden words of calm,
For free, a knitting pattern , 
Five boxed foxes, 
Six waving branches,
A seven seas salty seadog,
Eight piggywig toes, ...

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