Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On the seventh day of Christmas ...

Salty sea dog driftwood sculpture by Pat de Couto
As I clicked through knitting my cowl this afternoon (nearly finished - beautiful chunky wool!), I suddenly felt that there were eyes upon me. I looked up just in time to imagine a fox tail twitch to stillness.
Facing the cubs, I sternly wagged my finger (silently - the baby was on an afternoon nap - oh bliss) to stay well behaved. But still I could feel those eyes ...
I turned slowly in my slippers, surveying the walls when suddenly just out of my line of sight I saw a movement. The figure on the driftwood sculpture - where did he come from and when did he arrive?
And are those really gulls crying overhead?

One lidded treats jar,
Two toasty slippers,
Three wooden words of calm,
For free, a knitting pattern , 
Five boxed foxes, 
Six waving branches,
A seven seas salty seadog, ...

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