Saturday, December 19, 2015

On the tenth day of Christmas ...

Hand painted silk glasses case by Jane Ostenstad
Test-driving all the wine coasters maybe got away on me last night.
This morning (and I left the cat out on purpose to teach her and her party pals a lesson) I slept in till 8:30am. By the time I got up, My True Love had crept quietly off with the baby and the dog for a morning walk, leaving me what should have been a lovely slice of cinnamon toast with butter if he hadn't let the cat back in on his way out ...

Along with the greasy paw prints all over my night stand, she had also left her indignation across the lenses of my spectacles.

One lidded treats jar,
Two toasty slippers,
Three wooden words of calm,
For free, a knitting pattern , 
Five boxed foxes, 
Six waving branches,
A seven seas salty seadog,
Eight piggywig toes,
Around nine for winetime, 
Ten flowers on silk, ...

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