Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the eleventh day of Christmas ...

Earrings in handmade paper gift boxes by Zara Lau

Since it is our adorable baby's first Christmas, My True Love has decided that we should attend every possible party in the neighbourhood.
My idea of a first Christmas together is to go into deep hibernation in front of the fire and stay home as much as possible.
Never mind that I don't have any party clothes, or that I need to stay in to let the cat in, the foxes out, make sure the pig wipes his feet on the mat, shoo the gulls and stop the dog from worrying my slippers.
In the true spirit of Christmas Past, My True Love returned home with not one but eleven tiny boxes. Inside each handmade paper box was a beautiful pair of earrings, enough to make any outfit look special.
Maybe I am ready for the season after all!

One lidded treats jar,
Two toasty slippers,
Three wooden words of calm,
For free, a knitting pattern , 
Five boxed foxes, 
Six waving branches,
A seven seas salty seadog,
Eight piggywig toes,
Around nine for winetime, 
Ten flowers on silk, 
Eleven paper boxes with earrings, ...

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