Friday, July 30, 2010

Tales from Summer Travels

Gentle reader, as you know by now, the Blackberry Artists are having a group exhibition in the arts centre. Our theme is Summer Travels and 20 of the artists have submitted works for the show.

The piece shown above is by ceramic artist Myrta Hayes and, sadly, is her second submission for the exhibition. The first 'bust' suffered a cruel blow when it shattered in the kiln. This version, sans cracked nipples, graces the display case in the Plum Gallery.

I'll let the artist say a few more words (but please - do go visit!)

"Remember, this piece of art is meant to be humorous, it is not meant to be realistic and some of its parts are greatly exaggerated for emphasis. It is functional as it can be used as a vase; I put glaze on the inside. The tag "Translink Bus Fare, WreckBeach" is made of clay, too, using lithography for text and the tattoo below the breast and on the back are also made using lithography."

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