Monday, August 2, 2010

Tales from Summer Travels

mermaid: a multi-strand necklace by Amanda Maxwell
Attention! You only have this summer in which to view the group exhibition put on by the Blackberry Artists in the arts centre of Port Moody, which is probably just as well since our theme is indeed Summer Travels and leaving it on view later might cause unnecessary heartache!

Pieces were inspired by the idea of travelling during summer; destinations, sun, the beach, and in the case of this multi-strand necklace, packing light!

"A multi-tasking, multi-purpose, multi-strand travel necklace. Wear as a whole for that statement night out in style or, using the extender chains supplied, wear as a simpler form for day trips and casual dining. This necklace comprises six strands of beads, each in a different style. Each strand can be unclipped from the main assembly and worn separately to simplify your holiday packing and jewelry needs."

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