Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Theme: come into our garden

ceramics in bloom
ceramic ware poppies series by Jacqueline Sheridan

OK so bear with me gentle reader. These blog posts are written in advance and scheduled through the month. At the time of writing this the weather is Anything But Summery ...... but I'm hopeful (and recklessly optimistic).

flower power
ceramic jewelry by Myrta Hayes

Summer (nervous cough) is a time of ... sun. A time for being outside (suspnding disbelief) and enjoying the living world around us .....

in bloom
photographic canvas by Tracey Riddell

Dear reader, for those of you contemplating a staycation this year why not come for a stroll in our gift shop and enjoy the delights of our summer garden shelves?

foxglove detail from work by Vicki Allesia

We have an abundance of all kinds of flowers for your delight and entertainment.

And it might be a drier option than visiting Minter or Van Dusen.

fuzzy blossoms
wire and fibre flower bracelet by Amanda Maxwell

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