Saturday, December 13, 2014

On the sixth day of Christmas ...

Christmas 2014

Last night, a very soggy moggy landed on the bed with, and I'm ready to swear this was real, a flapping fish in her mouth. By the time I recovered from the surprise and threw back the covers, both she and the ghost fish had vanished into the darkness.

After the fifth click it dawned on me that the light wasn't working.
Neither was the one in the hall, or on the stairs, and the clock on the microwave just flashed 12:00.

Until the fusebox and circuit breakers dry out (apparently someone has been pouring brine and water through our floorboards), we're in the dark.
Handy to have these bright neon knuckles (small, easily packed, hint taken regarding no more large items) - at least now we can see to eat our cold cuts and salads.

More 12 days drama here.

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