Saturday, December 6, 2014

On the second day of Christmas ...

Christmas 2014
Sarah Ronald

The cat, disturbed as she is from the whole housesale/move thing going on, is now totally terrified of the bell. My True Love did nothing to make things better as he rang it (and it sounds very melodious, but not to the cat) on leaving the house this morning. More curtain shredding.

House beautiful? I think not, and they will be replaced for the new owners.

This evening, attempting to make peace with kitty, a large-ish rectangular object made its way through the front hall with My True Love. He sped into the sitting room and closed the door behind him before I could follow.

The cat stayed her distance, peeking round the kitchen doorway to watch.
Just when we were thinking of getting back to whatever it was we were doing, the door swung open with a crash.

"Voila!" he boomed, ushering the cat and me back into the room.
The cat was entranced - at every step, two pairs of inquisitive otter eyes seemed to follow her. Forgetting about the bell, she jumped up onto the chair back for a closer look ... then swung on the shredded curtains to get even closer.
Have I mentioned, the curtains go with the house ... :(

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