Sunday, August 25, 2013

Paper and Textile: Fibre in General

on the walls July 2013
Joan's new freeform crochet work

The Blackberry Artists are a talented bunch - what you see here in the gift shop is but a fraction of the work they are creating. For example, our painters are limited by sheer wall space, so their larger pieces only come out on display at Christmas during the Marketplace in the Arts Centre 3D Gallery.
Other artists choose only to jury into the gift shop in one discipline even though they regularly produce work in other media and styles. Recently Joan Marr, whose paper art regularly features on our walls, decided to unleash her freeform crochet work on us - we're excited to have her 'shabby chic'-style scarves joining Beryl Hickinbottom's exquisite weaving and Jane Ostenstad's graceful silk on our racks.

on the walls July 2013
seeds and plantfibre in Joan's paper work

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