Sunday, August 18, 2013

Floral Tribute

July in the gallery
detail from work by Elizabeth Wallace
Midsummer, and the gardens are crispy.
Lawns crackle underfoot and cause nasty friction burns for every heroic slide to first base.
Only the patch under the inflatable wading pool shows any sign of non-dessicated life and the lawn-mower is gathering cobwebs in the shed.
Ah summer!

July in the gallery
ceramic bracelet by Jan Pavlic Falkenberg
Was it only a couple of months ago we were raising our fists to the sky, raging against June-uary?
What twits!
So, with furtive pre-dawn sprinkling operations in full swing and Art Knapps running out of drought-tolerant succulents, let Blackberry Artists remind you of luscious garden flower beds without the heartache.
It will snow soon.

July in the gallery
detail from floral bracelet by Amanda Maxwell

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