Monday, December 10, 2012

On the fourth day of Christmas ...

the twelve days of christmas
sterling silver leaf earrings by Urszula Petrykowska

On the fourth day of Christmas ...

Today's package was on the small side. My True Love carried it back home in his pocket (the giftshop is open till 6pm weeknights), muttering something about being drawn like a moth to a flame by the bright lights from the gallery windows.
But oh what riches inside such a neatly wrapped gift, in its own beautifully sewn gift bag too (from Christmas Marketplace too) -
four shiny metal leaves 
(which together make two pairs of  unique and stunning earrings)

Artist-made gifts nourish the soul :)

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ooops! the link has been updated so it will take you to the 12 days now!!

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