Friday, December 7, 2012

Meet Your Makers: Sunday artist - Cathy Rycroft

This Sunday's maker to meet is artist and race horse trainer (oh yes!) Cathy Rycroft. Visitors to the giftshop instantly recognise her work showing horses at full gallop and other BC wildlife on a variety of unusual media such as polished stone and tree slabs. Cathy captures every hair and each tiny detail in her stunning portraits of animal life. From the single whisker to the glint in the grizzly's eye, you'd swear it was just waiting to pounce (we haven't lost a visitor yet, so you are quite safe).
Why not pay a visit to the Arts Centre this Sunday and find out what inspires Cathy's work and what nourishes her creative soul.

artist-made gifts nourish the soul

Artist demos every Sunday, 1-3pm, until December 16th.

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