Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wish You Were Here

cottonwood bark carving by George Blackstock, $250

Moving away from family is hard, missing celebrations and everyday moments many miles away. So when summer comes, suitcases are eagerly packed and acquaintances renewed.
art card by Yolanda Cheung, $4.95

My, how much you've grown!
So when did you redecorate the toolshed?
What happened to that painting I gave you last time?

Save any embarrassing gifting moments with a trip to the Blackberry Artist's cooperative shop. Local artists and locally made work makes gifting special and meaningful  to your far-flung relatives.

And it's not difficult to pack. For instance, this intricate cottonwood carving weights less than a paperback and packs easily into a suitcase. And we have a splendid selection of art cards to go with your gifts.
Buy local but gift internationally.
Bon voyage.

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