Friday, May 9, 2014

Down At City Hall: Paper Artist, Joan Marr

The City of Port Moody very graciously keeps display space for the Blackberry Artist's Society at City Hall. This month, the display shelves tucked into the landing between reception and the upper floor council offices are filled to the brim with ... paper!

But not just any old paper. This is work by paper artist extraordinaire, Joan Marr. You may have seen her in action at the Port Moody Arts Centre open house in March where you probably made a sheet or two of paper sculpture with your kids.

Joan takes the art of papier mache, the messy and kid-approved sculpting medium, and elevates it into the amazing. As well as making sheets of paper out of recycled pulp and forming them into cards and bookmarks, Joan also moulds the paperclay into masks then decorates them. She also makes larger sculptures, incorporating other media such as glass and beads into her work. If you were lucky enough to catch her featured artist display in the gift shop a year or so ago, you will be familiar with the large geode formations she presented there. There are a couple of similar miniature versions in the display case for you to check out.

Joan is a long-standing Blackberry member who also creates textile art for the gift shop. At Christmas she breaks out the knitting, producing hat and scarf sets for our Christmas Marketplace. I wonder if she'll knit us matching sets for the Port Moody parade coming up in June that we're taking part in?

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