Monday, December 9, 2013

On the fifth day of Christmas ...

the twelve (gifting) days of christmas
intarsia wood wreath by Del Holbrook

Five perfect bows! and an angel.
Everybody needs an angel at Christmas - especially My True Love, who inexplicably locked both sets of keys inside the car last night when we were downtown for a theatre outing.

As I walk away to get a better cell signal for calling BCAA, I hear him exclaim "Let me sort this!" and turn just in time to see him raising a handy lump of sidewalk from the road and hurling it through the passenger window.

At around midnight, when I had managed to sign him out of the police station, he then re-discovered the inside pocket of his new jacket.
This morning it appears that he's shattered the only replacement glass not in stock.
Ho ho ho.

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