Saturday, May 25, 2013

All the tens: one hundred, a Blackberry Artist celebration of Port Moody's centennial year

Blackberry Artists May 2013
detail from woven beaded cuff by Luci Gimenes
This June, the Blackberry Artists are celebrating Port Moody's City Centennial with an exhibition in the library display space.

Our theme? Why, one hundred of course!
painting by Valerie Simons

Will it be one hundred brush strokes, or one hundred beads? One hundred hours of artistic blood, sweat and tears (sounds a bit Damian Hirst so maybe not)?

Or maybe one hundred trees, bears, orcas or buttons? Who knows?

Whatever it is, it will be inspiring and inspired. We live in amazing corner of BC after all, and can't help but be tickled creatively at every corner.

Stay tuned for exhibition details!

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