Saturday, August 13, 2011

August's Display at City Hall

This month, the display at City Hall (up the stairs opposite the reception desk, on your way up to the council offices) is graced with works by weaver, Beryl Hickinbottom, and new jewelry artist, Lucilena Gimenes. I would love to be able to include pictures of their display in this post but sadly (?) the blog's official photographer is on holiday this month.
Beryl is a weaver of local notability and repute. Her fine scarves are much coveted items year round, but especially at the Blackberry Artists' Christmas Marketplace (opening this year at the beginning of November at Port Moody Arts Centre). Her intricate weaves make excellent gifts year round.
Luci's work features intricate sterling silver chainmailling and beadwork jewelry. Her graceful designs will also be available in the Christmas Marketplace this year, as well as in the gift shop.
All items in the display cases are for sale (just telephone the gift shop 604 931 2008 to arrange collection) but you will need to visit City Hall to see the show.

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