Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Format

a plethora, nay, an abundance of artwork for you to enjoy
Just a heads up as we rush headlong into the summer, wiping the sunscreen from every available surface and shaking sand from the doormat (you don't have a small child in the house? how can that be possible?).

You, dear reader, may notice that posts will be shorter here (see above, I'm wiping and sweeping) for the summer.
You may also notice that the artists of the co-op are resting over the summer months and our good friends at the arts centre are running the gift shop Monday to Friday (do pop in and say 'howdy').
When you're there, you will undoubtedly notice the new shop display, grouping works together by artist. This allows you to check out the full range of art offered by each of our members, and allows us to devote one shelf/cubby hole/wall space for each of them.
I think you will like :)

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