Sunday, June 26, 2011

In Praise of 2D (and an apology)

work by Sarah Ronald, James Mah and Elizabeth Wallace
There are some amazing talented 2D artists in the Blackberry Artist's Society; painters, printmakers, photographers and paper artists. Most months their work makes only the odd appearance in the blog posts, and for that I would like to apologise.
by Elizabeth Wallace
Firstly, it's much easier (for me) to photograph low-level (and I'm talking vertical here, rather than low brow) 3D objects because that's what I'm used to. As a 5'3" shorty with balance issues and an aversion to step ladders, I get fewer camera-shakes at sea level so to speak.
Another issue is framing, or reflection to be more precise. Glass, or indeed cellophane on the cards, throws up all sorts of light glare problems. Getting 'the perfect shot' is a problem.
by Alina Markiewicz and Tracy Riddell
I can only hope that the other shelf scenes and Critter Adoption pleas tempt you into the gift shop, and once there you remember to lift your eyes up to the walls and check out our incredible gallery for yourself.

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