Monday, May 9, 2011

May's Featured Artist: Joan Marr

This month's featured artist is Joan Marr and her breathtaking display is well worth visiting the gift shop for.
Joan's creative work is all about paper. She hand makes the paper used in her art, often adding in other elements such as leaf material or seed heads, before moulding the material into her finished creation. This month's display is an astounding showcase of what can be achieved with a supply which frequently ends up in recycling.
Visitors to the gift shop will be familiar with her beautifully sculpted and decorated masks seen on our walls, and her lovely cards. This month they are joined by 3D "pictures" which should be appreciated up close to take in the textures.
Joan also has work in the display case next to the desk which emphasise the point that paper can be sculptural too. One of my faves is the impressive 'geode' formation which features glass marbles and chips at its base - not the usual materials associated with paper. The result? a wonderful work of mixed media.

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