Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down Your Street

just down your street
watercolour print giftcard by Gay Torlay

We'd like you to think of the Blackberry Gift Shop as home.
Well, not in a "sling up your hammock and spend the night here" way (though I think some of the members did wonder about this during their mammoth shift commitments for the Christmas Marketplace) but more as a "think of us as your local gift shop". We are, in fact, just down your street; the local one-stop shop for all your gift-buying needs. Here you can source that unique locally crafted present for a dear aunt or out-of-town visitors (feel free to direct them here, dropping heavy hints for that special hostess gift too). Choose from our collection of artist cards to accompany your purchase, and then wrap the whole thing up (pardon the pun) with an eco-friendly, reusable cloth gift bag.
Think of us as just next door to home.

PS: Valentine's Day is coming very soon!

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