Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer Sunshine - oh, the memories!

ceramics by Dan Severance and Myrta Hayes, glassware by Ingrid Davitt, print by Tracy Riddell
Gentle Reader, a caution.
Before immersing yourself in today's blog, please be reminded that, despite the chatty and conspiratorial tone of my post I am not in fact hammering away at the keys on my trusty keyboard at this very moment. It might come as somewhat a shock but, in the interests of life, efficiency and sanity, most of my posts are scheduled in advance. Raising your head from the computer screen and glancing out of the window, please do not wonder, 'what is the old bat on about?' if all you see is sunshine and sandals. This means that we are having a late and glorious summer (whoopee), not that I am off my trolley. Today ie. when I write this post, I am playing amateur weatherman and assuming that Port Moody is currently under darkened skies and the moss is growing very well.
Read on.

paper art by Valerie Gilbert, painting by Cathy Rycroft

With summer a distant memory, and sandals, capris and broad brimmed hats consigned to the far reaches of the closet, let the artists of the Blackberry Artist's Society bring a few rays of summer warmth into your day (full solarium experience available Wednesday to Sunday in the gift shop). 
work by various artists in the gift shop

ceramics  by Jacqueline Sheridan

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