Friday, April 2, 2010

external display: Myrta Hayes

The Blackberry Artists are not just confined to the gift shop at the Arts Centre, they can also be seen out and about in Port Moody.

One of the external display areas is found on the staircase to the upper level at the City Hall Galleria. Last month it was ceramic artist (and Blackberry Artist's Society web designer) Myrta Hayes whose beautiful work was featured.

One of her favourite materials is pure white, high fire porcelain which she decorates with the subtlest of glazes like watercolour brush strokes, or with textural designs which alter the translucency of the vessel. Her work looks incredible (in my opinion) on a window ledge with the sun streaming in thru its walls, similar to the effect seen in the City Hall display cases.

So next time you're visiting the library take an side trip up the stairs to the council offices to check out the display - you'll never be disappointed.

NB: pieces on display are also for sale thru the gift shop.

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